The highest peak of pastry oven!

Nov 29, 2020
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Stone kiln Patisserie oven "Elegance" (ID=11)
The highest peak of pastry oven!
To overturn the common sense of baking quality of the pastry, the ultimate pastry oven [stone kiln] appeared!

It is covered with thick stone that is integrally molded in the warehouse, the heat from the stone burns the center of the baked goods and the surface at the same time with the optimum balance. The overwhelming heat storage volume of the stone keeps the state in the kiln constant, and the energy-saving effect is also great.
Each thermal control button (11 phases) In addition to the heat of the stone, it is possible to change the heating strength of the heater, and fine adjustment of the cooking and the like. It is possible to continuous firing of different items without changing the temperature. This is a flexible stone kiln.

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