Bread And Confectionary Industry Exibition

Jun 5, 2023
Japanese Baking Industry Exibition - BG StreetJapan's one and only online exhibition specializing in Japanese bread and pastry industries.

Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, are undergoing tremendous economic growth, and their bread industries are getting bigger every year.

And we, the BG Street, represent about 60 major Japanese bread and confectionary machine manufacturers, and incredient suppliers.You can see their products at the BG Street wherever you are in the world, at any time you like, if only you are conected to the internet.

The BG Street is one and only web exibition specializing in Japanese baking industry, exibiting more than 1,300 items of bread machines, confectionary machines, bread and confectionary ingredients, bakery producing service, bread and confectionary books, and so on.

You can make inquiries about any item you are interested in very easily, using the email form we provide. Make full use of the BG Street, and achieve great success in your promising business!!!

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