The science romance of cocoa and chocolate

Dec 6, 2021
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Science romance of cacao and chocolate(Price=\1,980) (ID=35)
The science romance of cocoa and chocolate
The name of the cocoa tree as a raw material for chocolate is Greece word "Teobroma", meaning "food of God". By the time the cocoa growing in the rainforest is reborn in chocolate, It took a long time. The book is a book that introduced the history with the processing technology of the cocoa bean.
Contents: King of Sweets/chocolate Hometown landscape/cocoa bean germination/cocoa flower pollination and pod growth/cocoa bean fermentation and dryness/cocoa bean roasting scrambled and scent/Mesoamerica people drink cocoa/Europeans encounter cocoa/ From Mesoamerica to the world/cocoa is a brilliant transformation in Europe/"drinking cocoa" and "eating chocolate" the birth of chocolate/the future of chocolate

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