The world's first! The baking of a stone kiln is realized by 100v.

Sep 26, 2022
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Item Details [Bakery Machines < small-oven]
Electric type 100V small stone kiln Pizza oven 500 â?? compatible ã??1 sheet bakingã?? PZT-1 UNO (ID=84)
The world's first! The baking of a stone kiln is realized by 100v.
Insulation cover Specification (optional)
A full-fledged Napolipitza is baked at 100v in one minute and a half!
Special heat circulation structure of next company development (PAT. P
â ¡ The baked irregularity is suppressed without the reversal of the dough during baking.
â ¡ Reduce the temperature of the inside of the warehouse.
â Authentic Ishi Mounting
â ¡ Far Infrared effect
â ¡ Outstanding Heat storage
High Temperature specifications
â ¡ Same as firewood kiln.

The pizza is not burnt beautifully delicious only by becoming hot.
The surface of the crispy and the inside is baked with mochi.
The dough does not harden even if it is cold by baking in a short time.
Pizza other than Napoli type (pizza) and other baked dishes can also be used. Please set the temperature of your choice.

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