12 years from the Advent!!ã??ã??ã??Actual No. 1 electric stone kiln Napoli pizza Oven

Nov 29, 2020
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Item Details [Bakery Machines < stone-oven]
Electric type 200V Small stone kiln Pizza oven 500 â?? compatible ã??2 sheets bakingã?? PZT-500 (ID=65)
12 years from the Advent!!ã??ã??ã??Actual No. 1 electric stone kiln Napoli pizza Oven
Insulation cover Specification (optional)
I realize the firing operation of the authentic stone Kiln Napoli pizza easily!
Only 500 â for Neapolitan pizzas

â Electric Stone Kiln Napoli Pizza oven Definitive version!!

Combustion of a different dimension caused by the threat heater power

â 500 â correspondenceï so early!! Delicious!!
The Neapolitan pizza which is thought to be burnt only in the stone kiln can be baked in about one minute and a half.
â the surface is baked with crispy and Motimotic.
The taste is not inferior to the stone kiln.
â 4-sided stone Paste Special heat circulation structure achieves stable grilling!!

Because it is â stoneï it is excellent in heat storage ï return powerï stable quality
Products can be provided! Baking is different.
In additionï it is durableï and can be used safely indefinitely.

It is not necessary to flip in the middle of a troublesome firing because it becomes difficult to go out the baked irregularity.
The stone is effectively placed everywhereï and the strength of the surprise is demonstrated in continuous firing with outstanding heat storage ability return!!

â Temperature control independently of the above fire and the burner
You can adjust the temperature of the Ishi.

with timer
-30cm Pizza (pizza) Two simultaneous firing possible!!


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