It is a small gas oven and is a stone kiln!

Nov 29, 2020
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Woodstone small stone kiln (ID=10)
It is a small gas oven and is a stone kiln!

It is a small gas oven and is a stone kiln!

There is a taste which only burns in a stone kilnï?? and can be put out only in a stone kiln.
å??ç±?ã?§å?§å??ç??ã??ã?§ã?¢ã??æ??ã?¤ã?¦ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã?®ã?ªã??ã??ã??The latest compact model appeared in the wood stone oven of "stone kiln"!

"Bistro" and "Piccolo" is a new appearance in the size suitable for the kitchen which is said to be narrow even if the two planes continued species is seen compared from the west. The Bistro was on sale.
"Still big! It is appeared in a small compact body slightly more to answer the voice of the customer that.
But it doesn't make sense if the ability to bake a pizza falls only for that amount. Even the small oven "piccolo" which is burnt a full-fledged pizza is appeared.
å°?å??ã?§ã??æ?§è??ã?¯ã??ã?®ã??ã??ï??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??ã??The taste of Neapolitan pizza is

The bite of the dough is very basic.

Baking is a taboo.ã??It does not become the taste that it is soft that it is "rice cake" and is not burnt at a dash by a strong firepower. Bake for a minute to a minute and a halfï?? and if you bake more than thatï?? it will be crispy.
The terrible of the stone kiln is not only wonderful of the heat storage of the furnace floor but strongly strong.ã??Soï?? the pizza edge is a jerk.ã??And the final finish is to lift the pizza upward in the furnace and add the highest heat at a stretch. This is the finish of the Neapolitan pizza. The shape of the taste that made the best use of the difference of heat and temperature in a stone kiln furnace.
That's the real pizza of Naples.

The performance is as it isï?? and the reduction of miniaturization is reduced.

WS-PX-4343RFG type
WS-PX-3030RFG type
Baking ability of pizza
Pizza with 200mm (8 ")Eight pieces
Pizza with 250mm (10 ")Six pieces
Pizza with 300mm (12 ")
D >
Five pieces
Pizza with 350mm (14 ")Two pieces
Baking ability of pizza
Pizza with 200mm (8 ")Four pieces
Pizza with 250mm (10 ")Three
Pizza with 300mm (12 ")Two pieces
Pizza with 400mm (16 ")One Piece

å°?å??ã?¬ã??å??ã??å??â??ã??ã??ã??ã??â??We cannot introduce you to our customers who have introduced this compact pizza oven.ã??But there are many stores that are allowed to introduce your permission on our website. For detailsï?? please refer to "Shop Introduction".
Howeverï?? the age when it is possible to differentiate it affordable only by putting out the "pizza" freshly baked is going to pass. It became natural to be able to offer it to the customer XDS baked.ã??In additionï?? why not take a step forward and add the "stone cooker" dish using a stone boiler to the menu? Pleaseï?? consider.

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