Foaming powder Oil for cakes

Jun 5, 2023
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Magical Cake (ID=4)
Foaming powder Oil for cakes
ã??Magical Cake 1kg type
ã??Magical Cake 10kg Type
In the All-in-mix method, Magical cake is a powdered oil that exhibits excellent effect on foaming and fabric stability of cakes. Because the fine particles of 1 micron are evenly dispersed in the dough, they are easily familiar with the fabric and exhibit the following effects. Improve the whipping of eggs and strengthen the fabric stability, finish the soft cake with a texture, and maintain a good workability and preservation because of the powder-like

How to save Avoid direct sunlight and humidity and store at 25 â?? or less
Shelf life 360 days after production (starting Date/unopened)
Raw materials

Edible vegetable oil, corn syrup, emulsifier,
Casein na (including milk ingredients),
Antioxidants (tocopherol), perfume

Packing 6kg (1kg× 6 bags) cardboard box
10kg cardboard Box
with kg craft bag


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