Spray type release oil "Clean cook"

Sep 22, 2023
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Clean Cook (ID=23)
Spray type release oil "Clean cook"
Features of Clean cook > A handy-type spray can with release oil. â The spray type of mist is hard to be able to bubble, and bread and sweets are beautifully baked. â Excellent release performance type, the dough is hard to rest, and the bread and the cake peel off from the mold neatly. â Excellent thermal stability because of its flesh flavor, it does not impair the original flavor of bread and sweets.
Usage Example For all types of mold such as box, top plate, and type
Tsuyadashi of the bread, to prevent dryness of the surface
For baking machines such as waffles and crepes
How to save Kept in a cool and dark place avoiding direct sunlight and moisture
Shelf life 365 days after production (unopened)
Packing 4 8kg (400g× 12 cans) cardboard box


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