Kneading margarine for baking

Jun 5, 2023
Japanese Baking Industry Exibition - BG StreetJapan's one and only online exhibition specializing in Japanese bread and pastry industries.
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Fresh Body Sharp (ID=18)
Kneading margarine for baking
A good texture with a flavor and "sharp" in the bread.
This is a bread margarine that brings out the delicious taste of bread by the blended technique with the fermented taste material of the home-made fresh.

â The rich flavor is spread by emphasizing the richness and blending the homemade fermented taste material.

-by the unique blending technologyï finish the texture that combines the goodness of crisp while being soft.

name margarine
Iriles ï a cardboard box
raw material display edible refining processed fatsï edible vegetable oilsï fermented milkï skim milkï emulsifiersï fragrancesï ana-toe dyes
How to save refrigerated (10 â or less)
150 days after production period

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