Fermented butter blended sheet margarine

Aug 13, 2022
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Fermented butter blended sheet margarine
It is a sheet margarine of fermented butter blended with the natural sweetness of the fermented butter and the richness.

â It expresses a refreshing sweetness and richness peculiar to fermented butter by 10% fermented butter and the addition of fermented milk and milk powder in a well-balanced formulation.

â By the MCP (microcompound) processï the remaining strong croissants and Danish are finished.
* MCP (Microcompound production process): A method for dispersing a 1Î m encapsulated taste material containing a large number of milk fat in the aqueous phase of margarine. The richness of the milk fat persists to the aftertaste.

10kg (500g sheet x 20 sheets) Cardboard input
Storage Method required refrigerated (10 ?°c or less)
180 days after shelf life (unopened)

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