Bread kiln

Nov 29, 2020
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A bread kiln (ID=127)
Bread kiln

Lava kiln specializing in bread comes up! The real thing is simple & beautiful & reasonable.

The three-loaf bar-type 20 pieces (5 x 4 steps per stage) are perfectly baked in 250-degree C23 minutes.

A bread kiln

Price 2.5 million yen (excl. tax)

Why do they burn in a short time?

Because the vibration of the molecule inside the dough is generated by the far infrared rays generated from the lava stone誰?? and it heats from the inside of the dough誰?? it is possible to bake at a high temperature of 250 degrees because the fire passes early. It is burnt up before the skin burns. Because it is baked in a short time of high temperature誰?? the burn reduction rate is as low as 7%誰?? the ear becomes thin誰?? and it becomes a very delicious bread.

Why is it cheap for a stone kiln?

By streamlining lighting誰?? dampers誰?? and peep windows誰?? we have suppressed unnecessary manufacturing costs. We have realized what we really need to bake delicious bread誰?? "simple & beautiful & reasonable." Because the structure is simple誰?? the operation is simple and the ideal bread is baked.

I think the ease of putting in and out of bread type誰?? I made it to the same kind of double doors as a conventional stone kiln. By streamlining the internal structure誰?? the cost reduction is achieved. By the far-infrared effect generated from lava誰?? the bread is beautifully baked in 23 minutes. One of the .4 stages is equipped with a steam generator. Lava stone used for hearth and ceiling .

Main specifications
Dimensions: Width 1410mm depth 920mm height 1890mm
Ability: 6-Plate 2-Sheet 4-Stage 3-Loaf 5-Bar 4-stage 20 pieces
Furnace: Width 880mm depth 650mm height 180mm (one stage is height 210mm for mountain type bread)
Electric: 3-phase 200V 19kw
* 2-stage kiln and 3-stage kiln are also available.

達??Story of President Mitsuhiro Sawabatake the lava of Mt. Fuji enters誰?? and the lava is warmed and the far red is put out Bake bread at a high temperature and bake it in .23 minutes. The sintering rate is about 10% of ordinary kilns誰?? but this kiln is 7%. In other words誰?? it means that there is more moisture left誰?? and the bread is burnt. This kiln is simple and has no lighting. There is no window in the oven. I think it's the way it should be in the old stone kiln style. Because the steam device also uses a simple device of the new development誰?? there is hardly a breakdown. It is a feeling of the stone kiln of the old completely. To bake bread deliciously誰?? I thought what I really need. As a result誰?? the price of 250 million yen was realized.


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