Be related to the firing "tumulus kiln"ï?? the best advantage of the old wisdom "far infrared" kiln.

Nov 29, 2020
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EXIBITOR OF THIS ITEM:KotobukiBakingMachine Corporation.
Stone room kiln (ID=2)
Be related to the firing "tumulus kiln"ï?? the best advantage of the old wisdom "far infrared" kiln.
The {tumulus kiln of the Kotobuki baking machine uses Oya. Oya is strong in high-temperature ï oxidationï the porous tuff with excellent water absorptionï the heat resistance temperature is 1000 â ï it is also excellent thermal retention.

■ Thermal efficiencyï the internal and external temperature rise at almost the same time
A complete fire can be completed in a short time.
The heat passes from the inside without evaporating the moisture more than necessary.
The outside is Barrisï and the inside realizes a moist and ideal texture.
Warmth continues indefinitely in the self-heating action of the ■ molecule
After the baked bread has been removed from the ovenï it will remain warm for a while.
■ Radiant heat conduction and high density proprietary heater wiringï uneven firing.
realizes uneven baking
■ Cleanï safe and healthy.
It delays the aging of the product and makes the taste last longer.
■ Far-red effect high "Oya" is adopted.
Since ancient times the stone kiln has been useful as a high firing means of far-red effectï the Kotobuki baking machine's {tumulus kiln "has" Oya "which is considered to be very effectiveï and the" far red effect "is pulled out to the maximum.
The ■ Exterior design is not only used for stone but also for conventional stainless steel body and black color. Please feel free to contact us to match the design image of the shop.

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