If you are looking for authentic Baumkuchen unique to a specialty shop

May 29, 2022
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German Schre International Company Baumkuchen Oven (ID=5)
If you are looking for authentic Baumkuchen unique to a specialty shop
The biggest merit of a single - bake is that you can bake it as soon as you put dough on it.

Although it is not mass production type, Baumkuchen sintering of high added value which can never be obtained by mass production type is possible.
Especially it is a truly unique trick to baking without powdering and without burning down mixed ingredients with high amounts of butter and eggs.

Since the heat source is infrared both electricity and gas, we will make sure that the fire is solid even in heavy fabrics.
This Baumkuchen oven is equipped with all the necessary functions to support the skill and knowledge of craftsmen.
The distance to the heat source and the rotation speed of the roller can be freely adjusted according to the condition of the fabric, and the dipping tab which slides further back and forth plays an important role to keep the temperature of the fabric constant.

FEATURES Sophisticated design by handmade manufacture made of heavy aluminum alloy Distance from heat source freely adjustable and roller speed Equipped with power handle which can handle light and heavy Baumkuchen Speedy dough Dipping tab system that does not require handling work System that shuts off heat dissipation when door is open Infrared ray irradiation system which makes fabric work comfortable and uniformly baked without moisture Aluminum cylinder permeating heat from the core Roller Shaft can be attached / detached easily Equipped with a spring clutch to protect the motor Easy to check the sintering process, wide heat resistant window with outstanding demonstration effect Easy to clean internal structure

Standard equipment (model BKM - 60 - 75 - 100 - 120 - 150)
The following attachment is attached.
▼ Steel shaft ▼ Aluminum mouthworker diameter 6. Ocm
▼ Ladle ▼ Ring former coarse / fine ▼ Ring former placer ▼ Power handle limiter ▼ Dipping tab (fabric container)
▼ Machine mount with rack

Special attachement ▼ Wooden conical roller ▼ Corolla roller for Baumkuchentolte ▼ Mozart roller for Baumkuchentolte ▼ Wooden Baumkuchen for display

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