BG Street

Jun 5, 2023
Japanese Baking Industry Exibition - BG StreetJapan's one and only online exhibition specializing in Japanese bread and pastry industries.
Introduction of Exhibitor
Shinko Foods Co., Ltd.
Address: 1337-22, Nakazawa, Kamagaya-city, Chiba 273-0118, Japan
Phone: +81 47−442−2921
Welker Royal Baking Oven <EB type>/
【Bakery Machines/oven】
Welker AB (Unit Type Electric) series/
【Bakery Machines/deckoven】
Du seater/
【Bakery Machines/deckoven】
European tabletop spiral mixer/
【Bakery Machines/mixer】
Automatic split rounding machine/
【Bakery Machines/divider-rounder】
Retarder pull fur/
【Bakery Machines/retarder】
Hot air circulation type firewood kiln/
【Bakery Machines/stone-oven】
Electric Double Oven/
【Bakery Machines/oven】
German cloth dividing rounding machine/
European top board 24 pcs/
Welker Royal Oven/
【Bakery Machines/oven】
Flamenco doughta (stock item)/
Kemper spiral mixer/
Wobema's fully automated slicer (stock item)/
【Bakery Machines/slicer】
Panimatic Retarder Pulver (Stock Item)/
【Bakery Machines/retarder】
Electronic breaker/
Welker Baking Rack Oven S type/
【Bakery Machines/oven】
Spiral mixer SP15L/
【Bakery Machines/mixer】

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