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Jan 27, 2021
Japanese Baking Industry Exibition - BG StreetJapan's one and only online exhibition specializing in Japanese bread and pastry industries.
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Ingredients(6)/ Carif Japon Inc. - Daiwa Co., Ltd. - Toyako Hatsumei Inc. - Hoshino Koubo Co., Ltd. - MIYOSHI OIL & FAT CO.,LTD. - Rolling Inc. -
Machines(28)/ Anni & Josef Inc. - Arushio Inc. - Winterhalter Japan Inc - Wekk Co.,Ltd - KANTO KONGOKI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. - Carry Off Inc. - KYORITSU-PLANT CO., LTD. - Kusizawa Denki Inc. - KotobukiBakingMachine Corporation. - soft mill - Samac Inc. - Sanko Kikai Inc. - SUNTEC Co., Ltd. - Shinko Foods Co., Ltd. - Tanico Co., Ltd. - Tsuji Kikai Co., Ltd. - Tokaireserve Co., Ltd. - Tokura Shoji Co.,Ltd. - Nichiwa Electric Corporation - Next Co., Ltd. - Bi-Tech Co., Ltd. - FELIZ CO.,LTD. - Prosage Inc. - Bakers Production Co., Ltd. - Matsuyama Machine Service Co., Ltd. - Remacom Co., Ltd. - World Seiki Corporation - Benritsushinsha Co., Ltd. -
Fixtures(1)/ Yuuki Co., Ltd. -
School(6)/ Ecole de Patisserie Kokusai - International Food Patisserie School - ECOLE DE PATISSERIE DE TOKIO - Tokyo Seishin Cooking School - Nihon-kashi Vocational School - Hattori Eiyou Vocational School -
Shop Producing(2)/ Carval Co., Ltd. - Daiyu Co., Ltd. -
Used Machines(8)/ Elfa Co., Ltd. - K2 Co., Ltd. - Keihin Denki Inc. - Suzuki Industry Co., Ltd. - Turu Planning 5 Co., Ltd. - Tokai Food Machine Co., Ltd. - Food Machine Network - Howagiko Co., Ltd. -


It is the highest quality poppy sheeds filling flavoured only with honey and vanilla.
We do not use thickeners etc., finished in a soft and easy-to-handle state.


"Mini Rex Multi" is equipped with detachable pockets and pistons that are easy to replace to accurately divide the amount of dough on the rotating drum, and perform splitting and rounding in one machine It is a term machine.

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