Silent Night Holly cleanse everything.

Jun 5, 2023
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Cake Picks (Hiiragi) (ID=23)
Silent Night Holly cleanse everything.
The Hiiragi of Holly is used for Christmas decorations. Because the thorn is symbolized as a symbol of the crown of thorns covered when Christ is crucified on the cross. Also, the red truth is that the people of Christ Represents the blood shed to save, and it is said that the evergreen leaves represent eternal life.

In addition to the products listed here, we have a variety of Designen "Hiiragi cake Picks" products. Custom made is also possible. Please contact us.
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Explanation of reinforcement Picks
Food safety students are also required by consumers as well as foods manufacturers and distributors. Of course, the pastry industry, Christmas cake ornaments are no exception.
In order to respond to the demand, we decided to give a pick of reinforcement that makes it difficult to fall Hiiragi.
The main character of Christmas is children. Please use a safe one.


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